Top 5 Places You Must Visit in Montreal

Written by Hassan Khan

If you are preparing a visit to Canada then be sure to head to the gorgeous city of Montreal, a place known for its legacy and heritage and dive into the prosperous landmarks that allow you to reveal the hidden gems of Canada!

From the Museums to the landmarks, and shopping districts of Montreal, each of which offer a wealth of entertainment!  Montreal is both a modern and classic city that’s everything except boring!  And to have more time to enjoy the city and have an unforgettable trip, you can find a remote job on Jooble, even if you have little experience.

Whether you’re someone visiting Canada for the first time, or visiting from a different Province within Canada, you will find this place to be unlike what you’ve seen before! The endless places to see in Montreal provide capturing moments to all its travellers. You’ll be amazed by all the fascinating attractions there are waiting for you.

Old Montreal is named Old Montreal for a reason! It is the oldest part of the city and consists of some of the oldest sights and establishments that the city has to offer. Originally established in the 17th century by the city’s first settlers of New France, located on the site of the original city. Not much has changed since those early founding times. The narrow streets and foundations in Old Montreal is what solidify the European origins of Montreal.

Populated with some of Montreal’s top-tier restaurants, a wide range of museums, historical configurations and various other attractions! There’s never a shortage of things to do by day or by night in this part of town.


Old Montreal - Epic Experiences

Park Jean Drapeau is one of the most exciting attractions in all of Montreal! It is the third-largest park in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It consists of two islands, Saint Helen’s Island and the artificial island Notre Dame Island, located off the shore of Old Montreal in the Saint Lawrence River. Park Jean Drapeau was transformed into the ultimate amusement area.

The park includes a famous Biosphere structure located on its grounds. The building itself is a fascinating site, a giant glass sphere contains the family fun attractions inside! So come prepared to have an action-packed day or weekend on some of the most exhilarating views in all of Montreal. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience in Montreal, then Park Jean Drapeau is your place to Go.

biosphere Montreal

Start your trip to the city by trecking up the wondrous sites of Mount Royal. The walk to the peaks is just as entertaining as reaching the top itself! There are plenty of trees and views on your journey to the top. There are various peaks at the top, each of which provides stunning scenic views of the entire city and mountains over the bank. Wake up early and catch the sunrise!

There is also a shuttle bus that goes up the mountain for those who are not too keen on hiking to the top. Not only is it the most panoramic location in the city, it is the best spot to familiarize yourself with the landscape of Montreal. Not to mention, the mountain is captivating in every season.

Mont Royal Montreal

Pop over to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts to see the wide range of works in it’s expansive collection. It was founded in 1860, and it is the most visited art museum in all of Canada! It attracts 1 million visitors every year. This museum is the most ancient museum in Canada and the cultural core of Montreal.

It’s an astonishing art complex, beautifully designed as a fine arts museum, and a site that you must see in Montreal. The extensive museum is accommodated in five individual bowers, all linked together by underground passages. The museum offers a fine collection of captivating art, from old wonders to captivating modern art. Not to mention, travelling collections visit the Museum every year, which means you’ll never have the same experience twice!

If you’re a keen gardener, or would just love to have a breath of fresh hair surrounded by nature, then the Montreal Botanical Garden is a must to add to the list of places you should visit! The gardens consist of 10 monumental greenhouses, an astounding 190 acres of gardens and well over 20,000 species of plants! A few highlights include the Chinese Garden, The Rose Garden, Aquatic Garden and much more! Distinct to the previous places mentioned on this list, the Montreal Botanical Garden is an amazing oasis of beautiful blossoms, insects, and so much more!

Guaranteed, there is something for every person to enjoy here. Before you go, be sure to check the Garden’s calendar. You may be able to uncover fascinating events and unique presentations that they have to offer. The Garden also conducts an assortment of educational & learning programs and classes. Some of which are available to the public and could be of interest to you. From the many fantastic things to do in Montreal, be sure to put this place at the top of your list!

You can also enjoy all the top attractions and unique experiences Montreal has to offer by joining us on the Best of Montreal Sightseeing Tour. On this tour, the knowledgeable guide will provide a fully narrated tour in the comfort and style of a Mercedes Metris van. The only thing you need to focus on is enjoying yourself. If these experiences sound exciting to you, pack your bags and forget about planning!

These are just a few attractions and places to visit in Montreal. Of course, there are so much more, this list only scrapes the surface of an enormous and lively city loaded with activities and unique places for you to see.

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