Our Story

Welcome to Epic Experiences – Create epic memories for yourself and your loved ones with a wide range of unique experiences and adventures across Canada and USA!

Finding a unique experience for ourselves or selecting a perfect gift for our loved ones, loyal customers, or even hardworking staff just becomes a hassle. Plus, there are so many reasons to celebrate, such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and the list is endless. However, finding just the right way to make the most of these celebrations or give the best gift can be time-consuming.

Epic Experiences helps you to find the most unusual gift you can ever give with just a click of a button without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Our goal at Epic Experiences is to provide you with an online shopping space where you can always find exciting experience gifts and adventures that will bring positive emotions and everlasting memories to people’s lives.

The idea of the online store of gift experiences was born when its founder, Yuliya, was looking for a birthday gift for her husband. She wanted to surprise him with a gift that he can remember and cherish, such as an experience gift, and all she could find were personalized material gift items. After taking some time to put her thoughts and ideas together, she decided to open up her own company offering these gifts and sharing her passion for collecting memories, not things.

“Many people have that one hard-to-buy person or willing to surprise their loved ones with something new and unique. The gift of an experience is often much more special than a material gift item. I personally know the memories that are left with a person is the best gift to give.” – says the founder of Epic Experiences.

Our Mission

to make gift shopping and gift-giving easier and convenient through online shopping, and bring excitement & happiness to people’s lives through the experience.

Epic Experiences offers:

● An instant e-Voucher – It will be delivered right to the mailbox of your choice, and it can be used within 12 months.
● A price match guarantee – We guarantee that the price you pay at checkout time will not be higher than the Experience Provider’s regular rates. In some cases, you will find special offers with lower rates than at the Venue.
● A customer loyalty program – You will be credited 1 point for every $1.00 you spend and will be rewarded with more discounts the more you buy. Click here to learn more.

We like to surprise and bring dreams to reality for our customers every day. From birthday gifts to corporate gift services, Epic Experiences is here to help you. By choosing Epic Experiences, you will find your one-stop gift shopping satisfying for you and your loved ones and will be coming back for more!

Studies have shown that happiness comes from experiences that bring more lasting positive memories than material items. So why not start giving the experiences that you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come?

When is the last time you’ve done anything Epic?

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