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In our often busy lives finding a unique experience for ourselves or finding a gift for our loved ones or loyal customers or hard working staff just becomes a hassle. Epic Experiences helps you to find the right experience easier, faster and more convenient with just a click of a button without leaving your cozy room. Our main focus is to create an online space where you can find exciting and memorable gift experience packages and receive a positive shopping experience.

Epic Experiences offers unique packages of Entertainment, Beauty and Wellness services, Sports, Adventure, Hospitality and more to bring excitement, fun and a “Wow!” emotions to any special occasion. We believe the memories that left with person is the best gift to give.

Epic Experiences offers:

  • Instant eVoucher delivered right to the mailbox of your choice.
  • A price match guarantee. We guarantee that the price you pay at the time of checkout will not be higher than the regular rates charged by the Experience Provider. In some cases you will find special offers with lower rates than at the Venue.
  • A customer loyalty program. You will be credited a 1 point for every $1.00 you spend and will be rewarded with more discounts the more you buy. Click here to learn more.

The idea of the online store of gift experiences was born when the company founder Yuliya was looking for a birthday gift for her husband. She wanted to give him something different and memorable that he can enjoy such as a gift of experience and all she could find were personalized material gift items. After taking some time to put her thoughts and ideas together she decided to open her own business offering these type of gifts.

“Many people have told me they are willing to try something unique or want to experience something they have never tried before once they know where to find it. We are constantly adding new experiences to our online store, from Birthday Gifts to Corporate Gift Services Epic Experiences is here to help you. The word “epic” has different meanings but for me it means to provide the service that combined with convenient shopping experience and everlasting memories that our customers will carry on for years to come. That is why I believe by choosing Epic Experiences you will find your one-stop gift shopping satisfying for you and for your loved ones!“

Have a happy shopping at Epic Experiences!

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