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By purchasing, booking, redeeming and/or participating in Epic Experiences


1. Experience Voucher, Gift Certificates, Promotional Offers and Special Deals

2. Return Policy, Cancellation & Re-booking

3. Exchange Policy

   4. Warranty Policy   

 5. Experience Policy

6. Complaints

7. Other Terms and Conditions

1. Experience Voucher, Promotional Offers and Special Deals.

1a. Experience Vouchers:

Epic Experiences offers one type of voucher for all of the experiences listed on the website. Customers will receive the Voucher instantly via email that they provided at the check out. Other delivery method is also available, please see the Voucher Delivery section.

Each individual Voucher has a unique number. Customers will have to provide this number in order to redeem it with an Experience Provider. Do not share this number online, through the social networks in order to avoid a fraud.

1b. Experience Voucher Expiry:

The Experience Voucher is valid for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase in Canada. The expiry date will be stated in your Experience Voucher. However, there are some experiences that are seasonal and for such packages the Experience Voucher need to be redeemed within the time frame that is stated in the Experience Package. The exception may also apply for getaway experience packages. In some cases the Voucher has to be used within the dates the experience is purchased for. Your must book your experience and use it prior to the expiry date. Otherwise, the Voucher will be consider not valid and will be void.

1c. Gift Certificates:

Gift Certificates send to you via email. Each gift certificate contains a unique number and it has  no expiry date, activation or processing fees.

1d. Promotional Offers and Special Deals:

Epic Experiences may bring new promotional offers or special deals at any time. The Vouchers that were purchased as part of a Promotional Offer or Special Deal are valid only within the time frame shown in the Experience Voucher and must be booked and used by the expiration date.

Promotional offers or Special Deals can not be combine with existing vouchers, other offers or any credit balances. Offers and promotions may be discontinued at any time and without notice.

Epic Experiences reserves the right to void vouchers acquired through violation of this condition.

1e. Voucher Delivery:

• If you choice an eVoucher it will be sent free of charge to the email address you provided at the check out and can be printed at your own need.

• If you choice to receive a Voucher in the regular envelope by mail, there is a charge of $1.70 will apply. Please allow 2-4 business days for Canada Post to deliver the mail.

2. Return Policy, Cancellation & Re-booking.

2a. The return policy:
All payments made to Epic Experiences are non-refundable. All sales are final.
Epic Experiences will not process any returns or reimburse any payment transactions on any purchases of Experience Vouchers or Gift Certificates. All unbooked and valid experience vouchers can be exchanged free of charge – see the Exchange Policy below.

2b. Cancellations and Re-bookings:
Once your booking with the Experience Provider has been completed you are bound by their terms and conditions regarding cancellations or changes. You should contact the venue immediately (same day of booking the experience) if you need to change or cancel your booking otherwise it is not possible to change the booking unless the venue agrees to the change.
In addition, failure to appear at the Venue as scheduled will result a cancellation of the Experience Voucher and by Epic Experiences Policy you will not be permitted to make any exchanges or get a refund.

3. The Exchange Policy:
Have an Experience Voucher that does not meet your interest, you may exchange it and use it for a Website credit towards purchasing an alternative experience.

• Exchanges will be allowed on unbooked experiences only that were made within 30 days of your purchase. Experience voucher may be exchanged once without attracting a fee. Administration fee of $15 may be applied to all subsequent voucher exchanges per each valid voucher.

• If you choose the experience with lesser value, the remaining balance will be available on your Epic Experiences account and can be used any time towards your next purchase on our website.

• If the value of experience package is higher than the The exchanged voucher will carry the same expiry date as the original purchased voucher.

You request for an exchange must be in writing and send to us by email: info@epicexperiences.ca with the subject line “Exchange”.       There are no exchanges on promotional packages or Gift Certificates.

4. The Warranty Policy:

Epic Experiences does not make a warranty of any kind that the service and service quality will meet customer’s requirements and expectations. We will not take any responsibility for the services provided by Experience Provider. All the customers should agree to this Terms and Conditions before using Epic Experiences website and must use the service at their own risk.

5. Experience Policy.

5a. Booking an experience:

In order to book an experience you have to have a valid Experience Voucher.

You will need to provide a unique code/number of your Experience Voucher in order to activate it. Once it confirmed that the Voucher is activated you can contact the Experience provider to select a date and time to use your experience.

5b. Experience Providers:

Epic Experiences acts as an independent entity and does not provide the experience listed on the website. Experience Providers are responsible for the safety and quality of their service.

The Experience Provider has its own terms, conditions, or requirements that Epic Experiences has not been able to communicate to you in the Experience description. Please make sure you aware of and comply with their terms and conditions.

We are always adding new experiences and venues to our list. However, we may have to withdraw an Experience Provider or Venue for reasons beyond our control. If your Experience Provider or Venue becomes unavailable you will be offered an alternative activity at the same price.

5c. Availability:

All Experiences are offered is subject of availability according to the Experience Provider’s operational hours and weather conditions on the day.

We recommend the customer to book in advance as earlier as possible to avoid the frustration if your specific day or time of the day is not available by Experience Provider. Please have several days in mind to choice from in order to make a booking process easier.

Epic Experiences reserves the right to cancel any Experience at any time on short notice.

5d. Safety:

By participating in the experiences sold on Epic Experiences website you must use the service at your personal risk. You may be required to sign a risk waiver at the Venue in order to be able to use their service.

Epic Experiences is not responsible for any incident or injuries that may occur as a result of your participation in the Experience.


5e. The Weather: 

Some Epic Experiences are weather dependent and can be cancelled due to weather conditions beyond the control of Experience Provider. Always contact the Venue with any questions regarding weather conditions. If your experience is cancelled due to the weather you will be able to re-book it without penalty, but your re-booked experience remains subject to weather conditions.

We will not be able to reimburse any expenses that occur with the cancellation of Experience.

5f. Images of Experiences:

Any pictures and images used on Epic Experiences website and printed in promotional materials are for illustration indication only and might not represent the actual experience provided by the Experience Provider.

Epic Experiences reserves the right to take photographs or video records of any of our Experiences and may use any such records for promotional and/or commercial purposes.

5g. Persons with Disabilities:

Epic Experiences  encourages the participation of all persons in our Experiences but we take into consideration that certain Experiences may require certain physical abilities. We recommend to ask an Experience Provider about restrictions for people with any relevant disability.

6. Complaints.
We respect everyone’s opinion and welcome your feedback on all of our experiences. Please bring it to the attention to us by email: info@epicexperiences.ca Note, complaints must be send to Epic Experiences as soon as possible so we will be working on it right away to get the best resolution for your case.

In order to keep our customers satisfied and improve our experiences we will send an email with a customer satisfaction survey to evaluate the Experience. This information will be used for evaluation purposes only.

Other Terms and Conditions:

All prices shown on our website are in Canadian Dollars and  are taxable in compliance with the Federal Law of Canada.

Lost or stolen vouchers.

Epic Experiences does not take any responsibility of stolen, lost, damaged or fraud experience vouchers  as well as Special Deals Vouchers.

Epic Experiences does not cover any expenses such an accommodation, transportation, or parking to the Venue and back. Customer is responsible to take care of his own expenses that may occur with the use of Experience (on top of the amount which was paid to purchase the Experience Voucher) and  also the expenses that have occur with the cancellation of Experience.

Price Match Guarantee.

Epic Experiences guarantees that the price of Experiences offered on our website will not be higher than the price charged by Experience Provider at the time of booking.

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