Unique Birthday Gift

Looking to impress your loved one or a friend with a gift that won’t be forgotten? There are so many options out there to choose from. Giving a gift is essentially buying happiness for your loved ones. But while having the luxury to spend on the hottest shoes, the latest iPhone, and other picture-perfect items can evoke excitement, nothing beats the impact of experience gifts.

When it comes to choosing a gift experience that is sure to check off your loved one’s bucket lists, the sky’s the limit and your budget! The cost of flying off on to a weekend escapade indeed comes at a heftier price, though it promises the kind of joyfulness that’s worth every penny.

If you’re wondering why buying a ticket to the next adventure in Edmonton is the best gift idea ever, then read on! We’re here to explore how the gift of experiences can stir more emotions than getting a new trinket.

Benefit #1: Experience Gifts Spark More Excitement

Whether you’re planning a venture into the wild with your thrill-seeker buddy or unwind in a far-off oasis, the thought of travelling can fill anyone with overwhelming excitement. It’s the type of affair with people counting the days down the calendar, making it truly a gift that can last with them for a long time.

The thought of going on a gastronomic trip around a quaint new town, hiking up mountains, playing games, and sharing stories is the cherry on top that fills your chosen adventure with more colour.

Benefit #2: Experience Gifts Create Cherisable Memories

Trends fade with time, but the memory of exploring the stunning, verdant landscape of Bow Valley through a horseback ride is a Hallmark-esque image that is bound to stay with them for years to come.

Sating one’s wanderlust hopping one paradisic archipelago to another along Bowen Island takes the cake, while the laughter, bonding moments, and everything in between creating memories that only grow sweeter as time passes.

Benefit #3: Experience Gifts Build Meaningful Relationships

People celebrate birthdays to have fun with their friends, family, and other loved ones, so spending the time exploring the great outdoors in a new city offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take your relationship to the next level. A tour of the wildlife in Banff, for instance, can only go better when you take all the nature-driven beauty with people you care for.

The Bottom Line: How Spending on Memories Offer More Value Than Material Gifts

Finding the perfect physical object that best fits your friend, significant other, or family member can be tricky. Still, there’s no doubt that sending someone off to a tropical paradise, a safari adventure, or a round trip around the most thrilling destinations in the world makes for the ultimate gift.

Are You on the Hunt for the Coolest Gift Experience to Give?

Between the hottest item on the rack or the gift of experience, having fun with the celebrant in a unique setting wins as the best gift ever by a landslide. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure or a relaxing vacation in Edmonton, Canada, we’ve got you covered! Check out our experience gift ideas at Epic Experiences and see what we can do to throw a birthday bash you won’t forget.


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