Glaciers & Peaks Scenic Flight Squamish, BC

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No minimim age
Available year-round
Minimum 2 people required

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Glaciers & Peaks Scenic Flight Squamish, BC

Experience 10,000 years of unfolding history firsthand. Embark on a captivating journey tracing the colossal icefields and glaciers that sculpt the breathtaking landscapes of Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia. Just a glance west from the downtown area of Squamish glaciers are carving away at mountainsides.

This scenic flight promises an exploration of the majestic wonders that define the Whistler and Squamish terrain, including Mt Cayley, Hanging Glacier, the Ashlu Divide, and the Pemberton Icefields. Bear witness to the awe-inspiring yet paradoxical beauty of Mother Nature, marveling at her simultaneously destructive and elegant creations. As she molds the land, observe the formation of moraines, boulder fields, cirques, valleys, and the rounding of peaks.
Ascend from the very core of the coastal mountains, intimately connected to the roots and rich history that have shaped the landscape we recognize today.

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All ages can be passengers on a flight. Children 2 years or older must have their own seat in the aircraft.
The minimum number of passengers required per flight is 2.
The maximum number of passengers per flight is 3.
Duration: 50 minutes.
Season: available a year-round but all flights are subject to weather conditions.
Flying distance: 530+ square km covered aread.
Plane type: Cessna 172.
Maximum weight of combined passengers: 600 lbs.

Your experience includes:
• Professional Pilot
• Expore Squamish landscape including Mt Cayley and Ashlu Divide
• Fly over the Hanging Glacier and the Pemberton Icefields

Dress for the season and sunglasses are recommended.
Flights Depart from Squamish Airport, BC.

Information on how to book this experience will be provided in your experience voucher.

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Squamish, British Columbia.