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No minimum age
Available year-round
By appointment only

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Elevate your style with our premier Ear Piercing service! Join us, and discover a professional and enjoyable ear-piercing experience that exceeds your expectations.
We take pride in offering a safe and hygienic experience using the renowned Studex System 75 ear piercing system. Our sterile cartridges ensure a clean and precise procedure, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

To further enhance your experience, we provide a complimentary After Piercing Gel for optimal aftercare. This gentle solution aids in soothing and protecting your newly pierced ears, promoting proper healing and ensuring your comfort.

Personalization is key, and that’s why we offer a range of earring options to suit your unique taste. Choose from stunning gold-plated or 14K gold earrings adorned with genuine diamonds, zirconia, and other exquisite gemstones. Find the perfect piece to showcase your individual style.

At our studio, your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our trained professionals follow strict protocols to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. We are committed to providing you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout your ear-piercing journey.

Whether you’re seeking a single stud or multiple piercings, the Ear Piercing service at Divine Beauty Spa Edmonton offers the precision and expertise you deserve. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the desired look while ensuring the utmost care for your ears. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in selecting the perfect earrings to complement your style.

Valid 12 months

The listed price is for a pair piercing plus pair of stainless steel or gold-plated earrings. Additional premium earring options are available..

No minimum age.
Session length: 30 minutes per person.
Hours of Operation: Open every day by appointment only.
Must sign a waiver.
Advanced reservation is required.

Your Experience Includes:
• Consultation: the Esthetician will discuss your piercing preferences and provides advice on the best location and type of earrings based on your anatomy and lifestyle. The procedure, what to expect, and aftercare instructions are explained.
• Selection: You will then select the type of earring studs you prefer, which can vary in material and design.
• Preparation: Your earlobes will be cleaned with an antiseptic solution to prevent infection.
• Marking: Piercings location(s) on your ear(s) will be marked with a marker, then you will have to confirm or adjust the placement.
• Piercing: The Esthetician will use a sterilized ear-piercing instrument to quickly and accurately pierce the ear(s) at the marked location.
• Post-Piercing Care: after the piercing, the professional will clean the area again, and will provide instructions for taking care of the piercing at home including complimentary After-Piercing Gel. This usually includes how to clean the piercing, how long to wait before changing earrings, and signs of potential infection to watch out for.

Information on how to book this experience will be provided in your experience voucher.

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