After 2 years of remote work, the workplaces are welcoming people back to the office. This is an exciting but yet anxious time for many employees and business owners. Once again having people back requires adjusting to their old “new” office routine. From an employer’s perspective, it is necessary to do the re-introduction and re-create a great corporate culture or establish one.
It is important to start with the company’s values and what message your business wants to send to its employees. For every company an employee’s well-being is absolutely vital.
More and more companies are trying to rebuild their corporate culture by using corporate gifting services these days but firstly, let’s cover what is corporate gifting?
Corporate gifting is the practice of giving something as a present to employees or business clients without charge: and in a meantime creating a touchpoint with people. Corporate Gifts may include gift cards to favourite store, days out, experiences gifts, concert tickets and many more.

Why is Corporate Gifting Important?
Receiving a gift is a meaningful experience; it is helping the company to strengthen business relationships with its staff members.
Corporate Gifts create a sense of connection to the giver and can create positive associations with a person or a brand. Companies have long relied on the power of gifting to secure better relationships with employees and potential or existing clients, to show appreciation for their business. When used as part of employee retention efforts, gifting can be highly effective in terms of ROI and satisfaction.

After numerous lockdowns more than ever employees are craving a social connection and cool experiences they can share as a team. Leave behind the boring branded merchandise, and create new memorable moments for team members with one of our amazing gifts of experience this year.

Running a gifting program without the benefits of a corporate gifting service is like trying to assemble your Ikea furniture without the instructions. Sure, you can probably pull it off, but why would you want to?
Working with Epic Experiences a corporate gifting company has its own benefits such as:

Celebrating special occasions and work anniversaries, team achievements big or small will demonstrate a corporate culture and improve employee wellbeing, introduce new skills, boost productivity, improve relationships with clients and so much more with one-of-a-kind experience gifts.

If you can’t decide which gift experiences are best, have a free consultation with the corporate gifting rep at Epic Experiences who will provide you with suggestions for your needs, adventure level and budget. Regardless of where your hard-working team is located, we might just have the perfect gift for them.
To provide you with some examples of fun activities that your team will want to look forward to, we made a list of epic gift ideas in Edmonton and experience gifts across Canada that will be perfect for a team-building activity or great employee incentives.

Flight Simulator Toronto – Team-building Activity

Flight Simulator Toronto
This experience is more than just a night out with your team. The Flight Simulator Team-building will not only add some fun into your work routine but also can encourage you to focus on problem-solving skills in an environment that promotes critical thinking and goal-setting.

Brewery Tour Edmonton

Edmonton Brewery Tours

Whether you are a beer enthusiast or looking to enjoy a night out with coworkers and friends, Edmonton Brewery and Distillery Tour is a perfect introduction to the craft beer scene in Edmonton. On this Edmonton Brewery tour visit two local breweries and the distillery in the heart of a trendy White Avenue neighbourhood.


Adventure Rafting on the Ottawa River with Meal Cruise

White Water Rafting Ottawa

The best way to explore the waves and get your feet wet as you splash and roll through one of the world’s great whitewater routes on the Ottawa River. This is a three-generation family-run experience, renowned for its attention to detail, exceptional service, and locally-sourced cuisine and it has been recognized as a Canadian Signature Experience.


Snowmobile Tours Whistler

Whistler Snowmobile Tour - Epic Experiences

Enjoy the views of Whistler’s most remarkable backcountry terrain as your guide skillfully leads you to snow-covered evergreens leading to impressive mountain vistas. This tour is ideal to bring the whole family on board and experience snowmobiling in the wintertime! You can choose from beginner or intermediate options.


Made To Order – Virtual Pizza Making Session

Virtual Cooking Class - Made to Order

This Private Class is a fun, interactive, social virtual cooking experience. Join the Rubino brothers, and make an authentic Italian pizza in the comfort of your own home. Master your skills with a professional chef who will teach you all the techniques. You will learn to make a pizza so good, that you’ll never want to order takeout again!

Parasailing Kelowna

Parasail Adventure BC

Enjoy time in the air and in the water. Parasailing in Kelowna will create a memorable adventure ride. This unique experience starts from the boat where you will have many great views to enjoy from your parasailing vantage point and everyone will land safely back on the boat. You will always have the option to get dipped in the water during your ride to make your water adventure even more fun.

At Epic Experiences we know just how many meaningful gifts can make a difference for your employees. As an employer, manager or boss, you really want to show gratitude to your hard-working team members and to let them know how much of a great job they’ve done for the company.

For an entire collection of corporate gift experiences visit and choose from hundreds of unique gift experiences in Canada and the United States.
Last but not least these Epic Experiences gift cards starting at $25 can be purchased online and emailed to the recipient’s inbox instantly.

Happy Gifting and Rewarding!

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