What Mom Wants for Mother’s Day?

You always feel the pressure of getting just the right Mother’s Day presents for your mom or mother in your life. You are trying your best to impress her with something new every year. And the question always pops up in your mind: “What should you do? What to give mom for mother’s day?”

In reality Mom deserves the best all 365 days of the year and Epic Experiences puts together the list of ideas for Moms who don’t want more stuff and just want to live in the moment.

Breakfast in Bed

Make a Mother’s Day a special one by starting it off right and letting her to sleep in (she deserves a good night of rest). Surprise her with the gift of delicious breakfast in bed instead of taking her out for brunch. Every mom is different, so know what she likes to have for breakfast. Here are some ideas for breakfast menu such as favourite pastries, yogurt parfait, waffles with fruits and whipped cream, pancakes, omelette or eggs with bacon. And adding some mimosas cocktail to her breakfast is not a bad idea. Add a small touch and leave her a card in a food tray to tell her how much she is loved. You mom’s heart will melt the first thing in the morning from the goodness of yummy food and the effort you put into this gift.

A Family Adventure

Take it all in your hands and make sure mom doesn’t need to be involved in planning this one. Not all moms want a break from their kids, what they need the most is a good quality time with their family. Think this way, anything mom actually needs, she can buy herself, which is why for this holiday, you should give her something she wants. You want to surprise her with something unusual and fun—a day trip to somewhere new such as kayaking or horseback riding are just some ideas. For all the Mother’s Day Gift ideas and adventures check out Epic Experiences gift collection. Your mom will be excited to receive such a gift that will bring long lasting memories for years to come.

Penticton Kayak brunch
Penticton Kayak brunch tour

Duty Free Day

This might sound like a simple gift but it has a big meaning for moms. Give her a day of no cleaning, cooking, or chores of any kind! Don’t let her do a single second of work. After all this is her day and she has to be treated like a queen! She will appreciate it more than you can think.

Hobby or Personal Passion

Modern moms will appreciate it if you give her a moment for herself to be creative and follow her passion. Let your mom do something that she was putting on hold for a while such as photography, sewing, learning a new skill or even writing a book. This time let her to remember what inspires her, so she can go back to her own roots and either sign up for a pottery class or learn how to play golf, or grab a camera to have a photo shoot of places she always wanted to do. Let mom be herself for a day.

Be Pampered

A little rest and relaxation would be great for your mom. Spoil her with an aroma massage, manicure or pedicure, or book a spa session for her to rejuvenate and spend a day being pampered. Let her relax her mind and body and enjoy her beautiful self. Remember to book in advance for these services as they are in higher demand when it comes to booking for Mother’s Day.

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Be acknowledged

The last but not the least, saying “I love you” to the mom and mother in your life can not be replaced by any gift. These three words make a difference now more than ever, especially if the kids have grown up or moved out. Appreciate your mom’s hard work and the time she spent raising you. Telling mom that she is the best mom in the world doesn’t cost you a cent and with that being said let her know how amazing she is not once a year but every day.

If you can not be with your mom on Mother’s Day you can still surprise her with a memorable gift that she can enjoy in her own time. Visit Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Epic Experiences. You will find unique experience gifts for any taste and budget.

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