Gifts for Thrill-Seekers

Buying gifts for other people is hard enough as it is, and this is doubly true if the person that you’re buying a gift for is a certified adrenaline junkie. For people like this, a simple mug may not be the best present. Now, although you can approach this in a number of ways, we suggest that you first redefine your idea of what a gift is.

Instead of giving them a tangible gift, why not gift them an experience? Seeing as they are thrill-seekers, giving them an exciting and action-packed afternoon might just be better than any gift that you can buy from a store. But where do you even begin with this? To help narrow down your choices, we’ve put together a list of the best gifts for thrill-seekers!

Go Supercar Driving

There are very few things in life that get one’s heart pumping, like being inside a speeding supercar. In fact, to say that these cars were made to go fast is a big understatement. If you want to get an idea of how fast these cars can go, consider that the SSC Tuatara, the world’s fastest supercar, managed to reach an average speed of 508 kph!

And while the cars at your local supercar race track won’t likely come close to that speed, but any other supercar will surely hit speeds that will satisfy any thrill seeker’s who are craving for it. Most tracks let you choose cars from the world’s premier supercar manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. Safety won’t be an issue as the tracks have professional drivers on staff that will make the experience as enjoyable as possible!

Go White Water Rafting

If cars aren’t their thing, then you can opt to take the adventure to the great outdoors. White water rafting is a good gift choice, as it serves as both an exciting and adrenaline-inducing as well as a way to bask in the beauty of nature.

White water rafting is also a great social activity as it requires everyone to work together to traverse the river’s rapids. This makes the perfect gift to get for your thrill-seeking friends. The only downside to this gift is that you can’t really surprise them with this gift as it will require you all to plan around the trip.

Go on a Helicopter Tour

Now, if you’re looking for a truly unique gift, then a helicopter tour is the way to go. A helicopter ride allows passengers to see the world from an entirely new perspective. This can give them a newfound appreciation for sights that they may have initially taken for granted.

Indeed, the 6 Glacier Canadian Rockies Helicopter Tour is one of Alberta’s best experience gifts as it offers 20 full minutes of awe-inspiring sights that take passengers on a journey through the heart of the Canadian Rockies. The breathtaking view of Abraham Lake alone makes the entire tour a worthwhile experience!


We hope this article will prove to be helpful when it comes to choosing the best gift for the thrill-seekers in your life. Remember to pick an activity that’s outside of their comfort zone, as this can make the experience infinitely more exciting!

If you’re looking for unique experiences for yourself or the people you care about, Epic Experiences is the way to go. We’ve compiled a wide array of the best experience gifts in Alberta to make choosing an adventure as easy and accessible as possible. To know more about the services that we are offering, check out our website today!

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