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Everyone knows the phrase “I’ll reach up and get a star from the sky for you”. Unfortunately, this is not so easy, because you can not buy a star as there is no official ownership of stars. However, you have a possibility to name a star!

With a star registration you have the opportunity to name a real star – even in a constellation of your
choice! This star then keeps its name forever and is entered in the star register. You will receive the details with all the steps on how to name a star in the experience voucher.

Once you name a star it will be entered into the star naming register and you will receive your star registration certificate with the register number, as well as a star map either as a PDF by e-mail or on high-quality certificate paper in a descriptive presentation folder – ready to give away or delivered to your home!

You can easily find your named star in the night sky with the Starfinder App! You will receive the
access together with your certificate. By entering your register number into the App, the exact
position of your star will be displayed. So you know from everywhere and at any time where your
star is located – which also invites you to stargaze together.

Life’s momentous events give us many reasons to name a star: a birth, a graduation, a birthday, an anniversary, a wedding, an achievement. Star Registration makes a perfect gift that will always shine away in the sky.


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No minumum age for a recipient, the buyer must be 18+.

All stars that are registered are visible to the naked eye.
It is possible to name a star in a particular constellation.
When a star is named, an entry is made in the star naming register.
Locate a registered star via an App or a website access.

Choose from the following Stars options:
– Standard Star: you name a single star per one person. This package is especially suitable for astronomy lovers who can easily orientate themselves in the night sky and find certain stars at first go.
– Star in Constellation: a combination of various individual stars that, together, form a special and lasting image in the night sky. Each constellation has it’s own meaning.
– Two Stars for Couple/Friends: consists of two stars that are close, never move away from each otherand and constantly orbiting each other.

Information on how to Name a Star will be provided in your experience voucher.

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