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Treat your staff to an opportunity to De-stress and Energise. SmashArt brings you a fun, interactive and rewarding experience with paint and canvas. Let words translate into visual images. Paint your vision, colour your goals!

Option 1: Guided individual Team Building Painting.

I am me yet part of we:

Your team members show their individuality through this activity. Our artist will guide you step by step through a painting of your choice. Pick a theme that works for you. Each person paints on a 16”x20” canvas. Each team member shares their creative process with the team at the end of the activity, share where they fit within the team and how they see themselves as team members. Click here to visit more team building options with SmashArt Events.

Duration of the event: 3 hours.
Minimum 16 people required for this event.
This package includes: Instructor, canvas 16”x20” per each person, aprons, easels, a colourful palette of acrylic paint, brushes, sponges and palette knives.
No painting experience necessary.
Information on how to book this experience will be provided in the experience voucher.

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