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Option 2. Guided Individual Team Building Painting:

Treat your staff to an opportunity to De-stress and Energise. SmashArt brings you a fun, interactive and rewarding experience with paint and canvas. Let words translate into visual images. Choose between two options.

1. We see the big picture: if you can imagine it, you can paint it:

Teams split up into groups of 4 or 8. Each team decides on the theme of their painting. This could be a logo, company / department vision, goals or team vision. Teams paint on an extra-large canvas and present their paintings to the other teams. This activity promotes communication, collaboration, listening skills and encouraging others. Reinforces shared goals.

2. Teamwork is Art in motion:

Each team gets a pre-drawn canvas that would make a complete picture when all the teams place their canvas together. We work with you to decide on the image.

This activity encourages cross team communication, collaboration, listening and relaying information, encourages recognition of common goals. Builds team spirit. We work with you to tailor your Team Building event.

To visit another SmashArt Events team building option I am me yet part of we” please click here for more details.

Duration of the event: 4 hours.
Minimum 16 people required for this event activity.
Both options include:
– Instructor,
– 4 canvas 36”x 48” per each person,
– Aprons, easels, a colourful palette of acrylic paint, brushes, sponges and palette knives.
No painting experience necessary.
Information on how to book this experience will be provided in the experience voucher.

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