Online Clue Solving Adventure – The Viking Song


No minimum age
Available 24/7
Game runs on a free App

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This is an escape-style online adventure. Can you escape both the Viking and cruel Lord?

Orphaned, poor, and ostracized for being half-Danish, you long to leave your coastal village and its cruel and greedy lord. But with Norse raiders plundering nearby towns, both staying and leaving come with risks.
Your parents died some years ago, yet you have felt your mother’s presence of late and heard her voice singing to you in your dreams. You wish your brother—your half-brother, really—were here to help you figure things out.
Shortly before leaving, he promised he would send for you, but that was years ago. You know he would never break his word, but you hate to think of the alternative, so now you have resolved to find the means and go search for him. The question is, do you have what it takes to avoid the dangers that now await you?

A fun test in which you must use folklore, an ancient song, and of course all of your puzzle-solving skills to outwit your ruler and flee from a Viking invasion. Do YOU have what it takes to unravel the clues?

Simply book online and receive an email with playing instructions, then you can play when you want, and with who you want. Play using the custom online interface, with a built-in video connection allowing you to see your playing partners remotely wherever they are.

Valid 12 months

The listed price is per 1 team.
No minimum age, family-friendly game.
Duration: 1.5 hours.
Availability: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
Group size: 2-5 people per team is recommended.
Difficulty: 16 clues – Moderate/family an exciting archaeology adventure for the whole family!

How it Works:
1. Once you obtained the Epic Experiences voucher you’ll receive an email shortly with the Access Code in order to proceed with the game.
2. Download a free App. On the day you are planning to play, activate your game by entering your email address and access code into the App.
3. You will need a computer or tablet to access clues on the internet during your game. If you plan to play with friends remotely we suggest connecting over your preferred communications tool such as Skype or Zoom.
4. Clues will appear in the App. Enter the correctly spelled answer to receive the next one. Incorrect answers cost time penalties added to your final score.
See REMOTE PLAY Notes below.
You may add additional phones within your team AFTER you have started and received your first clue – simply repeat the login process using the same email and password.
5. Read your instructions and backstory, then enter READY to start the clock and begin playing.
6. Clues will appear in the App. Enter the correctly spelled answer to receive the next one. Incorrect answers cost time penalties added to your final score.
7. Stuck on a clue? Ask for solution hints. These hints cost time penalties added to your final score, but used strategically may be well worth it!
8. Complete all the clues and solve the final mystery.

Information on how to register for this experience will be provided in your experience voucher.

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