Online 40 Minute Bite-Sized Play Experience Workshop


Season: year-round
Available daily by appointment

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What’s your vibe right now at work at home? How is everyone doing? How is work working for you? Diminished social connections? Zoom fatigue? Monotonous daily routines? Tired of Covid-19? Self Care just not cutting it?

What if I told you that I know of a great way to have FUN with co-workers and friends? And that we can do this online? What if I told you that I call it the ONLINE 40 MINUTE BITE-SIZED PLAY EXPERIENCE WORKSHOP?

Right now, we all can use more fun at work at home. Our focus on just getting the work done during these crazy times of uncertainty leaves us feeling tired, uninspired, and quite isolated from our co-workers and friends. We can’t keep on going on like this! Come play just for the sake of playing and having fun! Cameras on please!

This experience is offered at a flat group rate price. To watch the workshop in action take a look at this video recording



Duration: Online 40 Minute.
Season: year-round.
Maximum Group Size: 10 people.
This workshop will be held via a Zoom platform.
This experience requires to have cameras on during the workshop.
This experience is offered at a flat group rate price of $200.00

Information on how to book this experience will be provided in your experience voucher.

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