F-18 Flight Simulator Experience Calgary

Feeling the need for speed? This experience puts you behind the controls of a high-performance F-18 Fighter Jet Flight Simulator. You will feel closer to the real thing than most can ever dream of!

You will start with a 15 minutes briefing from the instructor on how to use the fighter jet controls. Then you will proceed with the mission you’ve chosen. The instructor will be available to assist you throughout the whole experience.

Choose from 30, 60 and 90 minutes experience on F-18 Super Hornet Simulator. Best for pilots looking for more engaging missions. Engaging in dog fights or co-op missions with friends.
F-18 Super Hornet Missions to choose from:

• Dog Fight
• Flight Experience
• Naval Attack
• Ground Attack
• Close Air Support (CAS)
• Carrier Take Off and Landing
• Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses

This bucket list experience in Calgary will make a memorable gift for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas holidays and Anniversaries.

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Minimum age: 11 years old. Children 16 years and yonger need to be accompanied by an adult.
Season: available year-round.
Schedule: Thursday through Sunday, subject to availability.
No experience is required.
Up to 4 people can book their missions together to experience the thrill of live head-to-head combat.
30 minutes: Perfect for flight familiarization, quick dog fight with friends or short missions.
60 minutes: Best for pilots looking for more engaging missions. Engaging dog fights or co-op missions with friends.
90 minutes: This is for hardcore pilots who have the stamina and skills to do long dog fights with frenemy or complex missions.
All sessions include an additional 15 minutes introduction session before the flight.

Information on how to book the experience will be provided in the experience voucher.

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Calgary, Alberta.

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