Drumheller Clue Solving Adventure – The Devious Dinos


No minimum age
Season year-round
Experience runs daily

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A diary has been discovered that describes the heist of a money train from the CPR. It appears THIS was the funding that paid for the original development of Drumheller!
Do YOU have what it takes to solve the clues and determine who were the guilty parties?

It is well documented that Drumheller was built through the support of wealthy local businessmen, however rumours have circulated for years about the true origin of the town’s funding. But now, a diary has been discovered that describes a secret meeting about the heist of a money train from the CPR, and it appears THIS was the funding that paid for new development in the town! A group of men known as the ‘Devious Dinos of Drumheller’ pulled off the robbery, and one of them, it appears, kept half the money for themselves.
The RCMP have asked YOU, a renowned team of cluesolvers, to review the evidence and track down the names and alibis of the dozen people involved, and ultimately determine which of the Devious Dinos was responsible for stealing the loot. Do YOU have what it takes to complete the task?

Simply book online and instantly receive an email with playing instructions. To begin the adventure you will need to download the App, go to the start location, enter the password and follow the clues.
This indoor adventure is a great introduction to clue solving and is suitable for date nights, family and friends outings, and makes a great team-building activity.

Valid 12 months

The listed price is per 1 team.

No minimum age, family-friendly. Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Duration: 1.5-2 hours plus optional breaks.
Season: available year-round.
Schedule: the game runs daily. Start at any time just finish before dark.
Walking distance: 3 km.
Starting Location: Downtown Drumheller.
Group size: 2-5 people per team is recommended.

What you will need:
– One charged smartphone (iPhone 5s or newer; Android 4.4 or later)is required per group,
– Comfortable walking shoes,
– Dress for the weather,
– Water is suggested.

How it works:
1. The Clue Solving Adventure is played using the Free App. Data or Wi-Fi is only required to download the App and activate your game – it is not required while playing, the App has a REMOTE PLAY feature.
2. On the day you are planning to play, activate your game by entering your email address and booking code into the App. (will be sent to you in a separate email)
3. Go to the Start Location provided in booking confirmation email, read your instructions and backstory, then enter READY to start the clock and begin playing.
4. If you are stuck on a clue ask for hints on reaching your destination or for solutions. These hints cost time penalties added to your final score but used strategically they may be well worth it!
5. Complete all the clues and solve the final mystery.

Information on how to register for this adventure will be provided in your experience voucher.

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Drumheller, Alberta.