Calgary Spitfire Simulator Virtual Reality

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Minimum age 11 years
Available year-round

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Ever want it to fly a WWII (World War 2) Plane? Now you can do it in Virtual Reality.
Engage in an old fashion dog fight, have a visual with your enemy and tear each other’s plane with a machine gun! Watch your bombs free falling till it takes down a ship!

Then get inside our visually immersive Spitfire. One of the most famous planes in WWII if not the most. With VR Technology you will be fully immersed. Get to look around you to visually locate targets. Have fun with your partner, friend or family in a coop mission! Or get competitive in against missions. Multi missions to chose from with increasing difficulties to match every skill. The instruction briefing is done prior to the flight, and no experience is required. Get ready to experience the thrill of flying a plane.

This VR experience in Calgary will make a memorable gift for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas holidays and add fun to your team-building activity.


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Minimum age: 11 years old. Children 16 years and younger need to be accompanied by an adult.
Season: available year-round.
Schedule: Thursday through Sunday, subject to availability.
A 30 minute VR experience: perfect for flight familiarization, quick dogfights and short missions.
A 60 minute VR experience: Ideal for pilots looking for more challenging, longer & thrilling dogfights or co-op missions.
A 90 minute VR experience: suitable for hardcore pilots who have the stamina and skills.
Spitfire Simulator VR includes dogfight, gun strafing, rocket and bomb attacks.
All sessions include an additional 15 minutes introduction session before the flight.
No experience is required.

Information on how to book the experience will be provided in the experience voucher.

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Calgary, Alberta.