Aerial Treetop Adventure Whistler

Aerial Treetop Obstacle Course is an exhilarating outdoor adventure for families, friends and colleagues. Explore the forest by traveling from tree-to-tree while securely harnessed in, guests navigate through a variety of elements including suspended bridges, swinging logs, tarzan swings, ziplines and tightropes. With over 70 challenges waiting in the forest for you to try.
The courses are colour-coded and increase in height and level of difficulty. The course includes green, blue, black and double black sections reaching heights of up to 60 feet. Exit points along the way allow everyone to take it to their personal limit, making this activity suitable for a wide range of guests at various fitness levels. Featuring a continuous security system, guests travel through the elements while self-managing their risk at their own pace.

Choose from the following Aerial Obstacle courses:

Beginner Course
Ease your way into the world of obstacle courses with an introductory level experience that takes you through the green and blue sections, giving you the perfect initiation to balancing on wobbly log bridges and negotiating creative physical challenges. This entry-level experience is a 1.5-hour tour, allowing you to get a taste of adventure that makes success very attainable. Your guide will be there for support from the forest floor below any time you need a helpful tip or words of encouragement, as you maneuver through an assortment of high ropes elements. This adult-sized forest playground will have you smiling for days.

Full Course 
Challenge yourself and interact with Whistler’s backcountry. The Aerial Obstacle Full Course includes 70 different features from rope swings to balance beams that reach heights of up to 60 feet above the forest floor. Rise to the challenge and experience the canopy from an elevated perspective.

Kids Course
The yellow section is designed just for children ages 7 to 13 years, this is an early exploration into swinging through the trees, with fun games designed for those younger adventurers. Obstacles such as a climbing wall, cargo net and suspension bridge bring kids back to the playground!

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Minimum age: must be 7 years of age and able to reach to 4’7” (140 cm) to enter this course. This is measured with feet flat on the ground reaching up, with finger tips meeting 4’7″
Kids aged 7-15 must have 1 adult supervising either from the ground or in the trees. Guests must be able fit into a 110cm / 43” waist climbing harness.
Purticipants of the full treetop tour must be able to reach 5’11” (180 cm).
Minimum weight: 60 pounds (27 kg).
Maximum weight: 250 pounds (113 kg).
Season: May – mid October.
Tour duration: 1.5 hours – Beginner Course; 2 hours – Advanced Course; 3-4 hours round trip – Full Course, depending on the individual; 2-2.5 hours rounds trip for Kids Course, depending on the individual.
Tour Time: departing hourly from 9am – 5pm.
Maximum Per Tour: 12 people.
All guests must sign a legal release of liability waiver prior to the tour.
Aerial Obstacle adventures take place rain or shine.
Tour location: Cougar Mountain, Whistler, BC.

What to bring:
Closed-Toe Shoes,
Comfortable and appropriate clothing for the weather,
Elastic to tie back long hair
Fingerless Athletic Gloves Suggested
Insect Repellant

Information on how to book your experience will be provided in your experience voucher.

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