It’s 2020 and most people are too busy to physically go to a store and purchase a gift for someone else. If they do find the time, consumers often get rushed and choose the first thing that meets the criteria of a “decent” gift. But really, what is a decent gift by 21st century standards?

Most people give material gift items out of convenience. However, there is a shift towards gifts that cannot simply be wrapped up in a ribbon and bow. If you’re also looking for experience gifts and non-material gifts, you’re in luck! 

According to a 2019 consumer report by the National Retail Federation, consumers are spending more on, and gifting more, experiences. At Epic Experiences, we have found that consumers want to give presents that will be truly appreciated by their loved-ones and many will generate wonderful memories, and be remembered forever. Something that cannot be purchased in a store, replicated by other brands, or re-gifted. Instead, they are looking to give the gift of an experience. 

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Do you remember the last gift you gave or have received? Experiences never go out of style.

When an individual receives a unique gift, such as an experience package, an opportunity is created. Not only will the recipient get a chance to try something new and go on an adventure, but they will also create memories. The individual will associate the experience with the gift giver and relationship bonds will be strengthened. They will have something to talk about and look back on for years to come. A material item can be easily forgotten, but a memory lasts a lifetime.

Next time, when you are looking for a unique gift idea or to spoil yourself with something new choose the experience. To choose an experience that rates high on the happiness scale, consider such factors as the beneficiary’s age, interests, hobbies, tastes and lifestyle. It may include going to the symphony, attending a community sports event, hiking, rocking out at a concert, traveling to a new destination, painting, meditating, volunteering, exercising, the options are endless.

At Epic Experiences our goal is to show you the benefits of nonmaterial gift items and we want to be the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for something unique.

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Epic Experiences is the one-stop online source to provide you with details about the gift experiences that we offer and also to suggest different gift ideas for specific occasions. Our unique gift experience collection ranges from the simple and relaxing — a gondola ride in Whistler, BC or horseback ride in Banff, AB to adrenaline packed and exciting — White Water Rafting on Ottawa River. Browse through our gift categories such as Sports and Adventure Experiences, Gifts for Couples, Mother’s Day gift ideas, Wedding Experience Gifts and much more. 

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