Gift for Your Loved Ones

Did you know that millennials are spending less and less money on material things? Research shows that 72% of millennials prefer spending money and time on experiences—a live concert festival instead of an HD TV, hiking Machu Picchu instead of an expensive vintage watch, or even backpacking in Europe instead of buying a car.

Prioritizing experiences over material objects has been changing the gift-giving landscape too. Gifts are an expression of love, and experience gifts bring more long-lasting, happy memories than anything that will just gather dust on a shelf. Why buy your daughter a new iPhone when a horseback riding adventure would be unforgettable and bring you closer together?

The opportunity to create lifelong memories and forge a more profound connection is infinitely more valuable than any material object you can buy off Amazon. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect experience gift to get a loved one but don’t know how to approach it, then here are four tips that can help you do so:

1) Pick an Experience Gift They Will Enjoy

Gifts not only express love for the special person in your life, but it’s a way you can show how well you know them. The perfect experience gift fits the receiver’s personality and interests. Make sure you are choosing something your partner, best friend, or parent would specifically enjoy.

Thankfully, social media makes this easy. A quick scroll through your loved one’s Instagram posts should give you a rough idea of their favourite things to do. The amateur cook in your life will likely be chuffed about personal chef lessons, your outdoors-y best friend would love an all-expenses-paid hiking trip, and your overworked mom deserves an indulgent spa experience.

2) Pick an Experience Gift That’s Perfect for the Occasion

There are memorable experience gifts for every occasion. If your best friend is tying the knot, what could be better than the Big Night Out Dinner for Two? If your grandmother’s birthday is coming up, then she’ll absolutely love attending a knitting or painting class. Meanwhile, an aquarium tour would be a fantastic experience gift for the kids in your life for Christmas.

3) Pick a Flexible Experience Gift

You don’t want to give your loved one a gift that will just expire at the end of the month. In fact, they should have the freedom to choose the perfect time to use your incredible gift.

Read through the terms and conditions thoroughly. An experience gift voucher with too many restrictions and blackout dates can make it difficult to sneak into a packed daily schedule. Experience gifts are supposed to be stress-free and seamless—not a hassle to deal with!

4) Pick an Unforgettable Experience Gift

Take your gift-giving to the next level by spoiling your loved one with something extraordinary and unforgettable.

Experience gifts have the advantage of being much more memorable than any material present. Still, you can make it even more personal and more fun. You can talk to your experience provider about unique flourishes you can include with your experience gift, such as a serenade at the end of a meal or a personal shout-out from an admired celebrity.


When you’re looking for the perfect present for your loved ones, broaden your horizons and think about something more memorable than a material object. Gifts that don’t fit in a box can have the most significant impact. Enduring happiness comes from breaking out of daily routines and trying something new! Take the time to figure out what makes someone truly happy, and your experience gift can’t go wrong.

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