Experiential Gifts

The world is finally on its way to returning back to normal. It will soon become possible to spend time outside again and reunite with your friends the way we did before. Soon enough, we will all get to embark on activities we missed out on and enjoy life the way it’s meant to be enjoyed.

Experiencing life has always been what it’s about. There’s no better way to celebrate the return to normal than giving experiential gifts. There’s something for everyone no matter how old or young you are, which means you can get experience gifts for your parents, children, and other family members. Ideally, you should get one that everyone can bond over.

What Are the Best Experience Gifts in Alberta That the Whole Family Can Enjoy?

– A Helicopter Tour

There’s nothing quite like seeing the world up from the skies. Sure, an airplane can offer the same experience, but it cannot provide a similar thrill like what a helicopter tour can do. Even if it’s shorter than a plane ride, the 20 minutes you’ll spend on the helicopter will arguably be the most awe-inspiring 20 minutes of your life. Our Canadian Rockies helicopter tour will lift you off to an incredible view of the Abraham Lake and soar at an exciting 100mph, 9000 feet over Cline Pass. You’ll get the chance to appreciate natural beauty, glaciers, and waterfalls, and more!

– An ATV Tour

Now if you want to stick close to the ground but want an equally thrilling experience, an ATV tour is your best bet. In our ATV Tour, you and your family get to hop on ATVs together, traversing through terrains on Historic Reesor Ranch situated in Reesor Ranch surroundings, Cypress Hills Wilderness Area, and Battle Creek Valley. As you ride along, you also get to explore winding trains in deep spruce and pine forest, an experience like no other.

– Bubble Soccer

If your family is the sporty type, you can always trade your usual game nights with something more unique and exciting like bubble soccer. As you can tell by the name, it’s similar to football, except that every player is encased in an inflated torus, covering their upper body and head. It puts a fun twist to the sport you already know and love, keeps you in shape, and gets your whole crew energized.

– Cooking Class

For something more lowkey, you can also opt for a cooking class, which will prove to be useful at home. Our cooking class can be enjoyed at the comfort of your home, and even includes a private chef experience for you and the whole family. You’ll get to enjoy one-on-one cooking instruction in your own kitchen under the supervision of a pro, and they’ll guide you through all the aspects of preparing a sumptuous Italian dinner.


Experiential gifts are always spectacular, but they’re particularly timely nowadays. There are several great experience gifts that can be enjoyed by families together such as going on a helicopter or ATV tour, or even playing bubble soccer or learning to cook together!

The limit is only your imagination. There are plenty of things you can do that are completely safe for everyone involved. After all, there’s more to life than just staring at screens and waiting to get vaccinated. There are still plenty of things to experience, no matter how diverse your family’s interests might be.

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